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A study made by Ovarian Cancer Action revealed that women aged 18 to 24 are four times less likely than those aged 55-64 to go to a doctor with a sexual-health issue. This may be because they are less willing to actually say the words we need to in order to tell a health professional what’s going on down there. A full 66% of young participants in the study said they’re embarrassed to just say the word “vagina” – only 11% over the age of 65 were similarly bashful.


Things need to change. 

Vagina Talk is a set of comedic conversation cards, designed to get us learning, laughing and most importantly saying the word vagina aloud! Each card begins by stating a fact about the wonderful vagina and is followed by a conversation prompt that helps you get the word into your everyday discussions. Vagina Talk provides both an example for the ideal location and an opening line to get you started. Whether it be a family member, friend, colleague or total stranger, Vagina Talk challenges you say to word vagina today!



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